Python, Analytics, Scrabble, Hangman and More….

Since a certain entity decided to index this page, we may as well make the most of it.

I’m an analytics guy – I crunch data, build websites, and occaisonally stand up in front of large groups of people and mutter a few semi-inspiring words. I like Python – particularly the webframework – although I’m quickly growing fond of WordPress. In truth, I’m probably more of a marketer than a coder, although I can happily live in both worlds.

Links to stuff that I’ve built and will publically own up to:

Python & Analytics Work…

Word Game Solvers

Public Speaking:

I’ve given a couple of talks in the past several years:

  • I’m a semi-regular presenter at PyATL – presentations can be found here.
  • Spoke at IQPC’s Pricing and Revenue Management Summit this past summer; ironically my first public talk about my day job (pricing and analytics)
  • Spoke at Microstrategy World 2010 about using Microstrategy and to build out an analytics-based sales management system.

I can be contacted through any of the websites above – at this point, I’ve got a bazillion different admin emails floating around, most of which are routed to the right place. Don’t even think about spamming me, I moderate with an iron fist :)